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Telescoping Video System Assembly Instructions

The EVS25 and EVS35 was developed by a coach, for fellow coaches. Endzone’s telescoping video systems are made to be easy, simple to set-up, transport and break-down, and offer a professional level of quality. Best of all, anyone can use these telescoping video systems with total ease of navigation so you never miss a play, shot or pass again!

The EVS25 Package includes:

  • 25 Ft Mast/Tripod Combo
  • Winch System
  • Patented Pan/Tilt System
  • Custom Cables
  • EVS Remote/Handle
  • 7 Inch LCD Monitor
  • Extended Life Battery
  • Protective Hard Case for Electronics
  • Wheels.

Don’t let the professional equipment fool you--it’s easier than ever to put together like a pro! In just a few minutes, you can record the game with precision, and wide range of movement. Whether you purchase the EVS25 or EVS35, you can set up and break down the tripod and winch system in just a few minutes.

To assemble the EVS:

  • When you open the hard case you’ll find a monitor hood, camera control handle, remote control, coiled cable, battery and knobs. Start by unfolding the legs from the tripod and remove the base cart pin.
  • Connect the base cart to the EVS.
  • Attach the monitor, battery, and camera plate, and slide the camera plate onto the EVS and secure it in place.
  • Attach the camera handle and connect the tilt cable to the camera head.
  • Attach the remote control next.
  • Attach the coiled cable using a small screw knob, and then secure the end of the coiled cable to the cable hook and connect the coiled cable to the camera.
  • Connect the coiled cable to the remote control and monitor.
  • Loosen and secure the winch clutch and raise the EVS25 to your desired height.
  • Bring your camera handle to the front and fasten the tilt cable. Control the camera easily with the remote control, and record the game like you never have before!

To lower the EVS:

  • Unlock the tilt cable from the handle and unlock the winch clutch.
  • Place the EVS system on the base cart and transport it to your next shoot!

Take game day to a whole new level with an easy assembly! For over 18 years, Endzone has captured the most exciting moments in sports. Learn more about what the EVS telescoping video system can do for you today!