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Video System for College and Professional Sports Video

Dan Walling, founder of Endzone, began his journey first as a high school athlete and then as a coach. His 25 years of coaching experience led him to develop a video system that started as a personal teaching aid, which now serves more than 1,200 teams across North America.

Sports Video System for Expansive Clientele

After nearly a decade in business, Endzone is the premier video system for collegiate and professional sports teams alike. We provide excellence in telescoping video for numerous big-name clients:

  • University of Oklahoma: Boomer Sooner! Endzone Video Systems now proudly supplies the University of Oklahoma with high-quality sports video towers and custom-built video equipments so the collegiate athletes can perform at their highest level.

  • Philadelphia Eagles: Fly, Eagles, Fly! Our products are now being used by the Philadelphia Eagles to capture their game and practice videos for review. Our telescoping video systems are priceless for professional athletes, who count of video playback to improve their efforts on the field.

  • Green Bay Packers: Go Pack Go! The Green Bay Packers are now using Endzone Video Systems to capture video of these elite athletes. Our video systems help players train harder and coaches teach smarter with the ultimate performance analysis–high quality video.

Telescoping Video for All Sports Teams

The Endzone Video Systems are widely used by a multitude of collegiate sports teams, as well as professional videographers. Our high-tech telescoping video systems help coaches and athletes in numerous athletic programs including:

  • Baseball: Our baseball clients rely on our systems to provide high-quality playbacks of their time spent on the baseball diamond. It also comes in handy when close calls are made.

  • Football: Football coaches and players alike use our systems to improve their game. It allows coaches to best evaluate the needs of their team, and players to review their moves and improve. It can also help to review calls made by referees that may have been inaccurate.

  • Lacrosse: In a lacrosse game, there are many moving parts, and it can be hard for a coach to see it all. With the help of our telescoping video systems, coaches can coach on the field and review their game tape with the team later to adjust their strategy as necessary.

  • Soccer: Our soccer clients count on us for the highest quality of telescoping video equipment to be able to review games and practices in a way they would not be able to otherwise. In this fast moving game, Endzone Video Systems is essential to capturing what the eye cannot.

  • Track: In track, form can make or break a race. That’s why our track clients come to us for high-caliber video systems. In a sport where time on the track can be over in mere seconds, our equipment is essential to helping coaches teach players how to improve their form.

Endzone Video Systems has become a necessity for coaches and athletic programs across North America. Our products is used by some of the biggest names in sports, and we’re proud to provide excellent products to countless high school athletic programs, as well.

To learn more about how Endzone Video Systems can benefit your team, or for advice on which system may be the best fit for you, contact our professional staff today!