Tips On Baseball Spring Training


For MLB baseball players across the United States, spring training is in full swing. While it’s an amazing time to play the sport, since the cold of winter is gradually going away, there’s more to spring training than you would think.

Scheduled training for each position takes place from the middle of February all the way to Opening Day, which as we all know is traditionally during the first week of April.

While the pros are in full swing, it does not mean you shouldn’t be either. We are going to inform you on tips to improve your swing, pitching, and overall skills.

Spring Training Workouts

There’s so much you can do to sharpen your skills, whether you are interested in joining your school’s baseball team, or are a varsity baseball player (you should be doing this already), or you’re looking for an upper hand while playing with your friends.

Get the upper hand in baseball by focusing on these workouts:

  • Pitching and catching practice in the morning
  • Go to the batting cages as much as possible to improve your averages
  • Follow up with weightlifting and cardio, since you will want to improve your strength and endurance.
  • Go a step further and play a game to hone your skills.

Our suggestions might be no-brainers for any baseball lover. However, implementation should not be a chore, it should be practice. So, try to wake up in the morning to complete these exercises before the sun sets. You will want as much visibility as possible in order to really hone in your skills.

You should also consider getting a planner, so that you can keep track of workout times and dates. While that will be of utmost importance, you should also consider tracking your progress, such as averages, percentages, and even how many times you hit it out of the park.

While you might be better at some positions than others, if you’re serious about exploring all facets of your skill, then you should consider practicing all aspects of the sport. We hope this gives you a sense of what your routine should be like. Ultimately, all training comes down to you.

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