Tips for Playing Football in Cold Weather

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With much of the country experiencing extreme cold, especially in the wake of the Blizzard of 2016, many would warn you to stay inside. But we are sure many of you are itching to throw a pigskin around a few more times.

Tips for Playing Football in Cold Weather

While the season is long over for many of us as we await Super Bowl 50, you may want to practice a few games with your team, either for practice’s sake or to prepare for next season’s cold temperatures. Here are tips that will ensure you and your team keep warm in cold weather.

Layer Up When Playing A Game of Football

Ever wonder how Green Bay or the Vikings manage in those icy conditions? Layers are key items. Many pro athletes wear advanced thermal turtlenecks underneath their jersey and shoulder pads to maintain core body heat. When you’re running up and down the field, maintaining ample body heat prevents cramps and overall body exhaustion. Be sure to wear glove and double up socks, as they will prevent your fingers and toes from becoming numb. No one wants to catch a ball with numb fingers and try to make a touchdown with numb toes.

Keep Hand Warmers Around The Football Field

For similar reasons with layers, hand warmers will give you that extra warmth so your hands do not become numb. Moreover, hand warmers can be used for just about every part of your body imaginable. If your feet are still cold after 2 layers of socks, try putting hand warmers in your shoes when you can. The technology of hand warmers is easy enough–just rub your hands together. So give it a try with your feet, or even trying rubbing them on your thighs and arms if layering isn’t enough.

Rub Petroleum Jelly Over Exposed Parts of Your Body

No matter how gross this may sound, or how gross it may feel, petroleum jelly helps block out wind during especially frigid and windy football games. It’s an old trick to rub petroleum jelly over your arms since some players despise playing with layers on and also since it prevents other players from pulling your sleeves. However, you may feel weird doing it.

These are a few tricks to ensure better performance while playing in cold and even extremely cold temperatures. Never forget to stay hydrated! Hydration is key even in the cold and while playing any sport, whether in cold or warm temperatures. Also, if it is too dangerous to play outside, do not put yourself in harm’s way. Now, go rub the snow off that ball, we got a game to win.


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