Telescoping Towers Houston

With football season fast approaching, it’s time to start focusing on video equipment for practices and games. Every coach and sports analyst knows how crucial the video of the game is to improving a team’s playing ability and coordination. Watching the playback of games and practice can help coaches and players alike determine what works with their strategies and what doesn’t. However, what good is watching the playback to learn your team’s mistakes if the video is taken from a terrible angle and doesn’t capture the essential points of each play? Endzone Video Systems has been essential in providing top-of-the-line telescoping video towers and accessories to coaches nationwide since 1996.

Endzone Video Systems’ Unbeatable Sports Video Equipment:

Telescoping Towers: Our specialties are our telescoping towers, the EVS10, EVS25, and EVS40. Each one is designed with different specifications depending on exactly what it is you need. The EVS40 can extend up to 40 feet high, offering you a bird’s eye view of the field and game at play.

Accessories: We have a wide variety of accessories to go along with your tower and video equipment including a cart extension to help you get those wide shots. We also have a bag cart which allows for a spacious storage of your video equipment along with a handle and wheel for easy mobility.

Rain Gear: One of our best selling products is our rain gear accessory. Each piece is designed to easily and quickly be placed on their components to help protect against rain.  They are water resistant not water proof and should be used at the discretion of the operator.  All weather conditions should be considered and as always if there is the possibility of lightning the towers should not be used.

Be sure to reserve any and all of our products today before football season passes you by and your left with unfortunate vantage points and weak testing angles.

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