Tips for Your Swimming Warm-Up

Swimming Warm-Ups

With the heat of Summer still in full force, swimming and other water sports are still popular options for exercise. Swimming offers an excellent opportunity to build endurance for other sports, get in your daily cardio, develop skills such as diving, or participate in team sports such as water polo. When you’re ready to jump in the water, though, be sure to run through an effective warm up to get the most from your workout and avoid injuries. Continue reading

Water Sports for Summer

Summer is heating up, and with temperatures in the triple digits for many areas you may be looking for every possible opportunity to cool off. Although there are many great sports on land during the summer, there are also some great alternatives for water sports. With these options it’s easy to get exercise in the hottest months while enjoying the cool refreshment of water.

  • Swimming is an obvious choice, but apart from a fun dip in the pool, swimming activities also include a range of both competitive and noncompetitive sports, including open water swimming and synchronized swimming.
  • Diving is related to swimming, but it carries its own unique format and options.
  • Rescue swimming as part of lifeguard training is a great source of exercise and can teach life-saving skills
  • Water polo is a popular choice in some areas and is a great option for a water-based team sport

In addition to being in the water, many sports and activities take participants onto it. Examples include:

  • Canoeing makes a great group or family activity for exploring the outdoors
  • Jet skiing is an excellent choice for those near a river or lake or out on vacation
  • Rowing requires large amounts of energy, leading to an excellent amount of exercise and building teamwork among participants
  • If your summer includes a vacation to a beach location, surfing and parasailing are also exciting options to try out

Whether you’re preparing for summer camp or looking for a way to stay active during the summer months, choosing a water sport is a great way to connect with others, learn new skills, and stay cool during the hottest days of the year.