Endzone Video Systems Accessories

At Endzone Video, we have additional bells and whistles to make life as a videographer a bit easier. Our video tower accessories include our EVS rain gear, bag cart, laptop platform and even a cart extension to get your older model rolling.

Endzone Video Systems Rain Gear

When the rain’s threatens to fall under the Friday night lights, it’s kickoff and no lightning’s in sight, the game continues and you’ve got to get the shot. Our EVS rain gear is custom-made for our tower tripods to protect the core elements of your system: the monitor, camcorder and your Sony remote handle. However, keep in mind that this gear is water resistant versus completely water proof, meaning it’s up to you to determine if the day’s deluge will harm any component on the tower.

EVS Bag Cart

Packing up and transporting an Endzone Video tower can be a difficult solo task at times, especially when you use it every game day. Our EVS cart slips directly onto your travel bag, so you can easily move your tower around. Note: The tripod comes with the wheels, the travel bag does not.

Laptop platform for Endzone Video Towers

Today in the media industry, you’ve probably become a videographer as well as a skilled video editor. Now, you can mount your laptop to our telescope tower tripod with our computer platform. You basically have your entire desk in front of you now.

Endzone Video cart extension

We offer continued support for our older tripod models. If you have a 25-foot model from 2009 to today, this cart extension bolts to the tripod so that you can tilt your tower back onto the wheels and easily move it around the fields. If you are in need of video systems accessories help or replacements, contact Endzone Video Systems today.

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