Video Systems Replacement Parts

Although we’re confident in our product, sometimes your Endzone Video equipment can’t stand up to the ‘competition’. Maybe a defensive end barreled into your tower setup or a stray game ball shattered your monitor. Whatever the mishap, we carry all the replacement parts to get your video system back up, running and catching the action.

Endzone Video Systems Replacement Parts:

No matter what happened to your telescoping tower, Endzone has the exact replacement parts you’re searching for. Online, you’ll find that we carry:

EVS tilt reel: Our custom reel allows you to tilt the camcorder for the perfect angle, yet it retracts so that cables aren’t dangling in your way when the tower is in the down position.

EVS LCD7 replacement monitor: Our 7-inch monitors come with a battery adapter plate, sun hood, and color picture control panel

Replace Sony remote handle for Endzone tower: Since our Sony handles are really designed for tripods they allow videographers pan and tilt the camera while controlling all other functions as well (record, zoom, etc.).

EVS hard case: Traveling with the team to capture footage can be a wearing process on both you and your EVS tower equipment. Since prevention is always the best medicine to avoid accidents, it’s probably a good idea to purchase our hard case to keep your core equipment safe. Each case is fully-lined to absorb shock, and they’re also waterproof if you’re experiencing one of those ‘rainy’ seasons.

Endzone Video replacement monitor battery: Our Sony NP-QM91D rechargeable battery pack provides power for more than six hours, and it’s built to attach directly on the monitor’s adapting plate.

Contact today for your Video System Replacement Parts:

If you are in need of any replacement parts for your video systems and telescoping towers, contact Endzone Video today.

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