Endzone Camera Systems—The 3 Big Benefits It Provides You and Your Team

Are you using sports video equipment to record your team’s football games? If not, you don’t know what you’re missing. In fact, a telescoping video tower system can allow you to reach new video recording heights—literally! Here’s why it can be a game changer for the entire team, and your coaching success.

Telescoping Tower Systems Will Change Their End Game

From football to soccer and even golf, a big part of the joy of sports is being able to watch (and watch again, and again!) your team in action. If you’ve ever recorded their killer pass or cheered as their scored the winning goal and replayed it on your handheld device later, you’ve probably experienced a shaky caption or two, as well as the replay, and properly analyze your team’s performance. Telescoping video equipment take the challenge out of this common problem because video tower systems do the job you can’t. Here are some of the many benefits it offers, and how it will change your coaching strategy as well as your team’s performance:

  • Catch some air. Endzone video camera systems allows you to record to new heights—35 feet in the air, in fact. While your team goes after the winning touchdown, you can record every movement with the ease of a professional videographer.
  • It’s was designed for coaches, by a coach. As a coach, the replay is critical for future success, and no one knows that better than the owner of Endzone, Dan Walling. During his 25-year coaching career, he experienced the same challenges you may: proper footage is necessary for analyzing and implementing strategy, and without the right equipment, it just doesn’t work. The simple answer? Creating the perfect telescoping video camera equipment!  
  • You won’t miss a beat, thanks to its convenience. For over 20 years, coaches have been recording their games with the convenience and ease of a videographer expert. Unlike traditional towers, Endzone camera systems are designed for easy setup so you can record every move while staying on the ground. As one of the best video camera systems around, it allows your team to perform at its best, because you can analyze and adjust their strategy moving forward thanks to professional-level footage.

As a coach, you already know that your team’s success lies in your hands. Endzone video systems is a powerful tool that will allow you to achieve your goals, and rise your team to a greater level than ever before. Give them a competitive edge they’ve never had before by contacting us today at 979-627-7300!

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