Alliance of American Football League to use Endzone Video Systems

One of the newer additions to our supply of telescoping video tower equipment, the EVS45HD Pro, will now be used to outfit the new professional football league; the Alliance of American Football (AAF) league. The new professional football league was founded by Charlie Ebersol and Bill Polian. The league will contain ex-quarterbacks of the NFL such as Josh Johnson, Aaron Murray, and Christian Hackenberg. The football season for the AAF will begin February 9, 2019 and last until the end of April. Various former NFL players and contributing team members will be working on establishing a good first season with the help provided by our EVS45HD Pro telescoping video tower.  Continue reading

The Best Way to Film Highlight Videos for Recruiting

Just a little over 7% of high school soccer players go on to play sports in college. High school athletes that want to take their sport more seriously have a slim window to prove to recruiters that they have what it takes to play on a more serious level during their high school years. As a coach, there’s nothing you want more than for those you’ve watched and trained so closely to succeed in their future sports-related endeavors.

The college recruiting process is quite intense as many factors are considered and observed; many of which have to do with testing the reliability of your player. So how can you, as a coach, ensure that your star athlete’s talents and abilities are best displayed during the recruiting process? You show the recruiters what you see in your players game after game. Continue reading

Recording Sports Games with a Video Camera vs. Endzone Camera

Recording a sports game has awesome benefits. Not only does it benefit the team members to see how they performed during a game, but family members and friends can enjoy watching their favorite moments again and again. Now that we have as many devices as we do, you can record a game via cell phone, video camera, and even your tablet. There is a difference in quality, however, when it comes to recording yourself versus having an Endzone telescoping camera system to help you record your high school or college sports games. Take a look at the differences between recording a sports game yourself versus having an Endzone telescoping camera system there to help you record your game.  Continue reading

3 Ways Endzone Camera Systems Aid High School Football Coaches

The high school football team contains players of passion, potential, and sometimes pure unadulterated talent. Any coach’s goal is to bring out the best in every single one of these players. No man is born a star player. However, with the right guidance and encouragement, a high school sports player could be catapulted into a successful and blooming career.

Modern technology has infiltrated so many different areas of our world today, and thanks to its advances, high school football coaches can explore different avenues of training their players. While the playbook is certainly still a necessity, Endzone’s telescoping video systems give teams an advantage they can appreciate.

After all, it is one thing to hear instruction but another to see the instruction play out. Endzone sports video systems aid high school coaches in three ways, elevating the high school football game entirely.

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2018 Super Bowl Winners Use Endzone Video Systems

Back in February 2018, the Philadelphia Eagles came out on top of the New England Patriots with a score of 41-33. It was the teams first Superbowl win and fans in Philly and all across America were in cheerful pandemonium about the result of the game.  

The 2018 Super Bowl will forever be vividly etched in the memory of fans who watched the football game unfold not simply because of who won, but thanks to the high-quality sports video systems that captured the Philadelphia Eagles’ win. Endzone Video Systems is proud to be apart of these systems.

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