Telescoping Towers Houston

With football season fast approaching, it’s time to start focusing on video equipment for practices and games. Every coach and sports analyst knows how crucial the video of the game is to improving a team’s playing ability and coordination. Watching the playback of games and practice can help coaches and players alike determine what works with their strategies and what doesn’t. However, what good is watching the playback to learn your team’s mistakes if the video is taken from a terrible angle and doesn’t capture the essential points of each play? Endzone Video Systems has been essential in providing top-of-the-line telescoping video towers and accessories to coaches nationwide since 1996. Continue reading

Soccer Video Equipment

Have you ever seen camera operators on the field lugging their throwback, bulky camcorders, rushing to get the perfect goal, pass, tackle, or other great action shot? The second they shoulder it, their shot is sidelined by players cheering on the bench, or they just completely miss it. However with Endzone Video Systems’ soccer video equipment, you’re guaranteed to conveniently get the perfect angle when it comes to catching the action on any field. From 10 to 35-foot towers, you’ll be able to hover over any playing field while remaining safely on the ground. Read more about our tower video equipment below. Continue reading

Endzone Camera System

An Endzone camera system can really make the difference between a good game and a great game!  Devised to capture live action, whether on the practice field or during competition, Endzone has the camera system that will change the way you think about sports! Continue reading

Endzone Camera Tripods

Endzone offers tripod cameras to catch the sports footage you need to coach your team, insuring a stellar weekend game.  Our EVS10, or “eye in the sky” camera, is great for recording practice drills, but if you need game day footage, look no further than our EVS25 tripod camera. Continue reading